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GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I do purely hate being without a working car. It worked for 1 week, and now it's broken again. Won't start. Appears to be no charge from the battery. I wonder if it's a borked security system, or wiring or something. It's just not working again, leaving me stranded tomorrow too. And the sink is leaking. So I hate to do dishes since it drips underneath and the landlord hasn't fixed it yet.

Ok, not entirely stranded. I can walk and take LB in the stroller, and there are a few things, including a grocery store, in walking distance. But it's hot, and I've never been one who takes the heat well. And ever since I've birthed LB, my tolerance has plummetted. I simply can not stand to be hot. A childhood of getting heatsickness probably, and heat triggered migraines. Perhaps I will try walking tomorrow and seeing if the heat makes me sick or if I'm just terrified of it in a Pavlovian way.

At least the small one has consented to an afternoon nap. That I appreciate. I think I shall go sew and finish watching Last Castle, which suits my mood at the moment.
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I don't know whether to bitch about my day, or philisophize about the self I want to be (prompted by Tuesdays awesome revelation). I've been very moved by the thought that I can choose what parts of people I want to emulate. It's been very liberating internally, freeing up my self to choose who I want to be, with specific examples in mind. It's kindof like creating a mosaic self out of bunches of little pieces. It's hard to do justice to with words, but the internal movement I've been getting from thinking abou it has been wonderful, and very positive and liberating. So, I've been crafting a post in my head about who I want to be. And had I actually posted it any time before now, I probably would have been able to do it justice.

However, I am in a very pissy mood. I found out that one of the other practicum students at my site is quitting, due to irreperable differences with our supervisor. And while the practicum director has talked to the third student at practicum about this issue, she hasn't contacted me (because I never complained?). And, since she's been getting phonecalls from the school about her performace, said supervisor now wants to reschedule my spervision that I missed on Wed. from coming home early, making me cancel with one of my clients. I KNEW I should never have indulged myself (even though it really did recharge my tanks and make the rest of this week tolerable). Argh! I'm just really frustrated with the pettiness of the whole situation. I just want to be left alone in my ignored little beauracratic cubbyhole so that I can go on doing what I'm doing and not need to worry about anything else. Argh!

And none of this includes the fact that I am, once again, super-exhausted from pregnancy or really fucking frustrated with myself for loosing all of the memory that was stored in my pda. It's going to make internship applications sooooooooooooo much harder. Argh! Grump! Snarfle! I just run around and scream incoherantly and wave my arms in the air.


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