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I only worked until noon.

I am caught up at work.

I had coffee with new friends, and they were very nice.

It was farmer's market day; i have bread, ground beef from grass fed cows, and fresh fruit.

Oh, and a tied dyed bag that only cost $6 from a man named Tuber.

The cut on my finger is only superficial.

We officially have health insurance at an affordable rate again!!!!!!!!!!! And dental, and life insurance for the whole family, and T has long term disability.

Since the sun went down, it is cooling off a bit.

Today's psychobabble term: Reframing. To take something that you at one way, such as "Damn, I cut my finger" and look at it a different way such as "Hey, the cut is only superficial." It's not just changing the words, it's changing how we perceive events, which can change how we think and feel about them.
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I want to say something silly like "Professional psychologist on closed blog; do not attempt this at home," but really, that would be over the top.

So what does this mean? It means that, in studying for my EPPP, I was reminded of a cognitive therapy technique that I really want to employ. What technique, you ask? The one where you focus on the positive, rather than the negative aspects of the day, the week, your life, your cat, etc. So, as opposed to using my LJ as a place to whine, I am going to experiment for the rest of this month with posting the positive things that happen. I will try to do this each day this month, as the children allow, since I will be posting in the evening. I may make other, neutral posts, such as recipes or long overdue kid updates, but I will refrain from whining, complaining or bemoaning the negative aspects of life for the rest of the month.

So here goes.
The positives, Day # 1
My boss gave us three fans he and his wife no longer needed.
The attending physician was much more tolerable than I expected today.
I studied for my EPPP.
I am caught up at work.
We had yummy leftovers for dinner.
I have lost 11 pounds since I started my diet.
Bedtime went smoothly.
Jacqueline Carey reads well the second time around.
We have a roof, furniture, food, and money in the bank.
I have a felt sense of a shift occuring from this simple exercise (for all you non-psychobabble-literati out there, I can feel this exercise working already.)


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