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This morning's positives include:
  • Being over the stomach flu/food poisoning crap that had me home from work and abed yesterday.
  • Being down to 203.8 pounds thanks to the aforementioned, oh look, don't eat for 36 hours crap.
  • Vi not having a major illness, just a lingering respiratory virus and my stomach flu on top of her now cleared ear infection.
  • Vi actually keeping some pedialite and breastmilk down last night, and not giving a repeat performance of the firehose baby.
  • LB being a big help at least 50% of the time while we were sick.
  • Friends and [profile] erikted calling to check on me keeping my spirits up.
  • My boss being understanding about my calling in sick.
  • Being all caught up on Harry Potterness, having finished Deathly Hallows on Saturday and seeing Order of the Phoenix on Sunday before I started puking my guts up.
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I've been too tired or distracted to post lately, so the positives include
  • Today is Vi's last day of antibiotics, yeah!
  • I get to go see Order of the Phoenix today.
  • LB hasn't thrown up after appearing to get over her 24 hour flu bug, though she still has a bit of a fever and minimal appetite.
  • Plans are beginning to germinate for how, rather than whether, we are going to move to the Burgh.  My husband makes the legitimate complaint that I am never happy anywhere and what happens when I want to move somewhere else, but, while the discontent may happen, I don't think I will try to move again.  I am ready to settle, and I'd rather settle closer to family.
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Last night I ran into the local SCAdians completely by accident, and it was good. I was taking LB to one of the local parks and they happened to be having fighting practice. And it was all good. We spent about an hour and a half hanging out. A lot of them have children LB and Vi's age, so both girls got some socialization. I look forward to seeing more of them after Frontier Days.
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  • Making chocolate chip banana bread with LB.
  • Getting some more sleep.
  • Saying "No" firmly and politely, with an awareness to necessary boundaries without a desire to drive the other person away.
  • Contingency planning that worked.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.0 working like a dream for report dictation.  A dream, I tell you.
  • Finding the most delicious soft sheep's milk cheese at the farmer's market.  And eating it on crackers as a part of dinner.  Yum!
  • Finally making multi-herb clean-out-the-fridge-of-appropriate-herbs pesto.  Five snack bags worth.  Pesto in the winter, whoot!
  • LB and I still enjoying the ratatouille we made on Sunday.  Yummy stuff.  Who knew that a kids movie-themed cookbook would be so worthwhile? Maybe we'll make Vichyssoise this weekend.
  • Finally doing a better job reading, playing and interacting with LB, even when I'm tired.  Yeah for more positive parenting.

Ok, I'm done cheer leading myself today.  I hope all of you out there in blog-reading land are having a good day.
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I don't feel down, depressed, gloomy or angry today.  I feel contentish and happy.
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The positives yesterday were quite enjoyable.
  • Having enough money to go shopping for non-essentials.
  • Having lunch at Whole Foods and coming home with tons of yumminess.
  • Being skinny enough to fit into Chico's clothes, and then buying a whole new outfit.
  • LB having a fair bit of fun, and being able to be talked out of her fussiness when it occurred, including by the kindness of the Chico's staff, who watched her play with sunglasses while I tried on clothes.
  • Watching Ninja Warrior with my husband last night.
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Well, that was a rough couple of days and I was either to grouchy to post or didn't have time. But here I am, back with the positives of the past several days.
  • I unpacked my altar stuff, and all of my cardinal point stones were there and happy to be unpacked.  I shall try cleaning the shelf in the bedroom and may it look like a more organized altar soon.
  • I made an awesome greek lentil salad last night.
  • We have health insurance and were able to take Vi to the doctor and get antibiotics for her ear infection.  And she is getting better and the twin punch of tylenol and ibuprofin appears to have broken the high fever, and she just has a mild one this morning.
  • I am going to drive to Fort Collins and go shopping in more civilized civilization today.  Whole Foods and Lane Bryant, here I come.
  • I no longer have a migraine.
  • I woke up in a good mood this morning.
  • Despite not tracking my points for half the week, I still made relatively good choices and appear to have lost some weight. 
  • My boss is willing to discuss my working fewer hours so I don't burn out again.
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Last night, I was not in any mood to continue this exercise, as depression and negative thinking were whomping my buttocks.

Today however, I can look at the positives for yesterday. In large part thanks to[ profile] tamnonlinear post this morning.

  • Getting my job done, no matter how I felt.
  • Going to coffee with friends, even if no one's children let us talk.
  • Getting ribs and bread and fruit and a tie dyed onsie for Vi at the farmer's market, and thus not having to cook dinner.
  • Watching Next Food Network Star on demand. I have a weakness for Jag, and I have since the show started. I have been composing my own culinary point of view as the show goes along. And every so often, thinking of applying for next seasons contest, even though I know I don't have the cooking chops. I am a fair cook, maybe even a good one, but not a great one, and I am way to shy to have good camera presence.
  • Being gentle enough with myself that I didn't react to one night of emotional shutdown/ blowout as Imminent Depressive Cycle, and am feeling better this morning.
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Spending the day with my family.
Seeing friends at church.
Realizing we had another bottle of kitties (LB vitamins) and not having to drive to Ft. Collins to get more (they are Whole Foods brand, with no added nastiness).
Being able to recognize that I was turning into a gibbering ass when my lunch fell off my lap and go calm down in the bedroom rather than yelling at everyone, including myself.
Making a very scrumptious pea salad.
Finding a new food that is tasty: Kohlrabi. Like sweet cabbage in taste and a texture like nothing else I can think of when it's cooked. Soft, yet not mushy.
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Going out to dinner "like a family" as LB would say.
Finding tasty braided mozzarella at the grocery store.
Picking up our CSA box, with its nice local organic veggies.
Finding a babydoll car seat at the rummage sale that LB loves to play with.
Having kept up with this exercise.
Remembering to use and instead of but when I talk.
Rereading Kushiel's Avatar.
T buying me the new Elizabeth Bear novel Whiskey and Water.
Not loosing my temper today.
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I'm caught up at work again.
My boss told me "thank you for being you" today.
I had a nice, long talk with [ profile] erikted that produced an alternative parenting technique to try when LB requests an activity I don't want to do.
My husband cooked a nice dinner tonight, and it was ready when I got home.
I am able to pump as much or more than Vi eats.
This activity is working, and I am starting to think during the day about the positive things I want to blog. Noticing the positives is something new for me, and feels good.

To respond to [profile] foxxydancr's comment to a previous positives post:

so basically, you're looking at everything and saying "it could have been worse!" doesn't that sort of encourage a certain stagnation? instead of seeing things and striving to improve them, it seem that a person would be more likely to plateau, because "well, at least x didn't happen." can you comment?

More on reframing.

Reframing isn't just something you do to say a bad thing is less bad because it could be worse. It's about how you can look at any situation. For example, it's saying "He's got a very different opinion than I do, that I don't understand," rather than "He's a jackass."

Also, rephrasing things reduce my motivation to change. Change is not only driven by moving away from pain, or discomfort. It can be driven by moving towards something; being teological. Some theories of psychology purport that we grow and change because we are moving towards actualization, or grace, or enlightenment, etc. rather than being driven by pain, or heartache. Personally I think both are true, and taken together we can have a greater sense of how people move in the world, the myriad things that motivate them.

And for me, by saying that the cut on my finger wasn't so bad, and could have been worse, I actually free up energy for other stuff. My usual habit would be to curse and run around thinking how awful it was, and expend resources being grouchy and gloomy and cursing Murphy. If I approach it with some humor, and say it could have been worse, I don't do nearly as much of that, and have the energy I would have spent on the gloom to do something else, like tickle LB with my toes, or some such silliness. In all seriousness though, it means I spend less time and energy being grouchy and upset and can take that time and energy and do something that might be more positive with it.


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