Jan. 2nd, 2004 05:59 pm
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These past two weeks, I've had plenty of time at home to spend with my cats, and it's been nice. I felt guilty this past semester, because I never made enough time to snuggle them, or pet them, or just BE with them. And all of them have taken to lying on the couch with me for part of the day, which is very cute, and rather unlike them since they love fighting with each other. But all of them have been very social and sweet and cuddly and i have enjoyed it greatly. I hope I can remember to make time for them once everything kicks back up. There are all such dears, such wonderfully unique individuals, and they deserve all the love and attention I can give them. Especially since I am worried about how they are going to react to the baby when Sprout arrives. Hopefully well, but it will be one more drain on my attention, and I don't want to not have time for them. I want to be able to love all of my family. And my cats are family to me. Good, loving supportive family. They lighten and brighten my day, love me no matter what, amuse me, cuddle me, love me. They are sweet and wonderful gifts from the goddess, and I only hope i continue to have time to appreciate them as such.


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