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Definately an interesting day today, but I don't think I am going to share much, since I seem to be sharing in a manner that comes back to bite in me in the ass later. It's part of what I'm not sharing about today.


I have been reading Motivational Interviewing by Miller and Rolnick, I believe, as required reading for my job this past week. I was initially quite grumpy about having to read this book because I couldn't find it in town, had to order it, had UPS issues getting it, and that left me with 6 days to read it. While I am not going to get it finished before work, I am certainly enjoying reading it.

It is a style of intervention with a client that really *clicks* for me. I like what I'm reading about, I like the theory behind it, and I want to learn more. I'm excited that our therapy supervisor recommended this book, since that is a good indication that this is his style. I feel like I've been groping towards this kind of intervention and didn't even know it existed.

It is a technique for therapeutically helping people resolve internal conflicts and make decisions. It's not about making decisions for them, but a set of guidelines, based out of Rogerian active listening, for how to help people come to decisions and actions intrinsically. I love how it views abiguity as a natural part of change, and defensivesness and resistance as an informative relational variable and not a flaw in the client. It is a more laid back style of intervention than I was normally taught and I am loving it.


I am excited about work, and trepidatious about leaving my little one. I will be glad to have something structured to do again, since the move disrupted the mothering structure I had built up with LB. And I have been floundering ever since. I have decided that I dearly need some local friends I can trust, more people like [ profile] almeda. Trying to make friends on the block is just proving far too . . . political and I am going to stop trying, except for the one next-door neighbor, who is apparently acceptable. I am hoping I can connect with fans in Chicagoland, since that is a subculture I am used to navigating.

I really miss T and [ profile] pickleboot and [ profile] envoy and [ profile] foxxydancr.
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Today really started out being a bad day. There are health insurance mixups at T's work including "an interstate move and transfer to a new store is not considered a life changing event, so you can't switch from a PPO to an HMO." We have health coverage at the moment. We're just not sure who/what/how to go.

And I needed to go to the doctor today. Because I needed a manto test before I went to work. And even though I need it for work, work isn't paying for it. And I need the 2 stage, 10 day version, as opposed to the 48 hour version. I get to have 2 injections and will just manage to squeak them in before work. And the only doctor that was willing to accept a new patient was 20 miles away in the yuppy western suburbs. Nobody else would take new patients until the end of Sept. I just need a damned manto. Really. And in driving there I was really late because there was bumper to bumper traffic, and pouring rain, and I got lost.

Oh, and in calling work about the test, I find out there is a book I have to read for the therapy supervisor that I've never heard of before but is supposed to be "a text book a lot of schools use." Only, of couse, none of the bookstores around here carry it.

So you see, I need to visit the doctor three times and read Motivational Interviewing all before Sept. 1. I already hate the red tape and it hasn't even started yet.

But ya know what? The doctor saw me anyway. My husband watched LB all day, and G cooked dinner with me. And my sauted zuccini was damned yummy. And the in-laws brought doughnuts for desert. And ya know what, being cool and fed with my husband home counts for a whole lot right now.


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