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I submitted my first draft to my comittee. YEAH! And a bit ahead of schedule too. Teehee. Now I can focus on packing, and internship, and moving, and packing. Did I mention packing? Hehe! I've got a draft it.
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Alrighty, so far today we've:
  • gotten the ac in my can fixed. Whoot!

  • edited the results section of my dissertation, and started the discussion

  • gotten groceries, even if we forgot maple syrup.

  • been to the post office to see why we weren't getting mail. the delivery person arbitrarily decided that since we had no name tag by our mail box and he was putting mail in the wrong boxes and it kept getting left on the shelf that we didn't live there anymore and wasn't delivering our mail.

  • cooked meals for today and tomorrow

  • done a load of dishes

  • come down with colds

  • gotten the little one down for a nap

So far, so good, aside from the small one and I having colds. I though LB was teething but then I started feeling ookie, so . . . the consensus is we're sick. I've been drinking mad amounts of water, and have recently switched to mint tea. I hope it helps scour the ookie nasal drip out of my throat.

Well, off to play with my dissertation some more.

Goal: Finish on sunday!
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Ok, I'm trying to keep up with my attempt at having a more balanced journal, rather than a dumping ground for all the stress in my life.

When LB is not screaming and whining and snivelling with teething pain, she is very cute. At my husband's prompting the other night, she gave me a backrub while she stood behind me on the couch. He would tell her to rub my back, and she would, and then lay her head on my shoulder, and then rub my back some more. He's so proud of her. I hope she's willing to do it again. Yesterday, we were eating a nectarine for desert. She took the paper towel out of my hands and dabbed my mouth with it every time I took a bite. It was too cute for words.

I think I have the results section of my dissertation done. I'll read over it tonight or tomorrow and see. I'm really tired from sleeping poorly because LB is teething. I hope this molar cuts soon. It's really got her upset, poor kid. And poor parents too. It's amazing how disruptive teeth can be in a family.

I can't believe we move in less than 2 weeks. I'm excited and scared.

I think I'm going to go try to watch I heart Huckabees now.


Jul. 10th, 2005 01:31 pm
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The Phinished board is down. Very tragic. I was looking forward to some dissertation productivity support. So I am going to go through the motions here, and I will gladly accept any support and cheering you toss my way.

While the bebe is napping with her papa, I am going to:
  • Revise my lit. review so that it is in line with what I actually did, and set up some of the silly formatting crap, like required page margins.

  • Begin inputting my reults section, complete many purty pictures and tables.

  • Evaluate life on the homefront, and see where to go from there

Oh, and in accomplishing these tasks, I will actually stare at Word for 45 minutes per hour for the next two hours.

There, that should do it. Now to run and put on some dissertating music.

Update: Well the baby napping was much shorter than expected so less work has been done than I would have liked. Ah well, I'm going to give it another little go for 40 minutes or so.
Update II: I'm calling it quits for the day. I have about half my results section in very rough draft format. I'll try and rough out the rest tomorrow morning, if the small one takes a morning nap.
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Or in English, my dissertatuion is being a nightmare again.

So I had this nice little table that showed exactly what we wanted it to show, and it was created through the most classical of mathematical errors (a deimal place where it shouldn't be). Now, all these nice conclusions in line with what I thought would happen, no longer exist, and I haven't a clue what to do with everything now that I've caught the math error. Verbing blue donkey nouns.

I feel like such an idiot, which is probably about par for the course now, and I can still work on the half of my dissertation that isn't shot to hell. But . . . I think I am going to be embarassed for a good long while.


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