Aug. 16th, 2005


Aug. 16th, 2005 04:01 am
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I am sick with a head cold and I can't sleep. I hate these summer colds. I really do. I've done what I can to boost my immune system, and made a real effort to drink enough water yesterday but I'll still so congested and my throat is sensitive/scratchy that I can't sleep. And my husband gets up in an hour to get ready for work, so I'm afraid that if I did get to sleep I'd just get woken up again. I'm afraid to go down to the kitchen and make a cup of tea because there is always someone sleeping in the livingroom. In this case, there are likely two people, since Pop or G always sleep downstairs to keep the dogs company and B is visiting this week and sleeping in the comfy chair.
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I feel like crap and I hate my in-laws. So there. I'm utterly sick of them using my car and I'm pretty sure the "What's you schedule?" question this morning is presumed to include a "since you aren't busy this afternoon I'm going to use you car." since everyone in the house left, leaving me to presumably watch the dogs along with my kid. And the only direct request I had was to ask for my car keys. Of course I figured out what they were up to, and told them to take out the car seat, but still . . . nobody ever asks "We'd like to go to the beach, can we borrow your car?" Pisses me the hell off. They didn't even invite me, unless my non-response to V's asking me if I wanted to go to the beach today was supposed to be construed as a request.

Gods, I hate these people. [ profile] envoy is right. They dictate the terms of communication and are NOT open to a discussion of how it's not working. Everyone else is supposed to adapt or shut up, thank you very much. I have no clue what the proper procedure for expressing frustration is. It seems a little silly to have T do it but . . . this is just getting over the top and I'm sick of it. S

Lets see how well they function when we leave and take 2/3 of the cars with us.


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