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So today was our 2 year wedding aniversary. June has become a very packed month what with LB birthday (I still chuckle that she was born before we were married a year), father's day, and our anniversary. T took off work and we had a nice day bumming around the house eating homecooked food. I made baked eggs with onion and cheese and a side of bacon for breakfast, london broil, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and lemon sesame glazed greens (a la Good Eats) for lunch, and peach pie for dinner. After two huge meals, trust me, all we wanted was the pie. It was yummy pie too, completely homemade. It only took fifteen minutes to get the small one to bed, and I got a back rub while we watched a House rerun. I really enjoyed the quiet domestic day.
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and i've loved every minute of it. Hubby closed today, so we had the morning together. I made pancakes, and we watched the latest episode of Stargate that I taped while we were out last night. Then I took a nice bath and got a very wonderful backrub from my hubby, with yummy smelling citrus ginger massage oil (thanks foxxy, it worked!). After he went to work, I went to school with the intent to photocopy some of the reading I needed to do for class next week, only to find out that I was allowed to check the books out until Monday morning (which of course means I haven't actually DONE any of the reading yet). Then it was off to the grocery store missing the list we had written up this morning. I did pretty well though, and came home with a load of seafood (canned crab meat, salmon steaks, pickled herring, and canned mackeral), which I have been craving. Must not be getting enough protein or fatty acids or something. Then dishes a snack and some relaxation.

For dinner tonight, I plan an experiment. A bechamel base with melted cheddar (kinda like a mac and cheese sauce) with roasted red peppers and sundried tomatos served over pasta. I'll probably have some spinach with rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds as a side dish. I'll have to see how it turns out. My own experiments are almost never as good as when I follow a recipe. I'm just not as good a creative cook as I am a technical one.
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Ok, all in all this has been a strange holiday weekend. My flight out, for which I arrived 2 1/2 hours early, had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I got through ticketing and security in 10 minutes. My return flight, for which I only arrived an hour early, was problematic. First, it took 35 minutes to get through ticketing and security, in large part due to the fact that you had to wait with your bags while they x-rayed them and only when they were cleared were you allowed to go through people security. Argh! This is also the flight that was 30 minutes late because they had to de-ice the wings after they crammed us all into the little aluminium box.

Thanksgiving itself was bittersweet. I missed my grandmother a lot. She had always been the driving force for our holidays. And mother's beaux is nice, but his friends are . . . not the most pleasant people to deal with. Though watching 5 chemical engineers cook a turkey is hilarious.

And yesterday with the inlaws was nice, though I became terrible aware that I was now seen as the vessel carrying the heir to the family bloodline. All very strange for a little ole country girl like me.


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