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So, it took me forever to get off my butt and decide to go to class last night. I ended up eating burger king for dinner (and it was bad burger king at that). I think I will stay sworn off fast food for the rest of my pregnancy. However, even though it wasn't the greatest for Sprout, the half of a medium coke that I drank was very sucessful at settling my tummy down. I think I will go to the drug store and get some coke syrup, if I can find some. That caffine shouldn't be too high, and it works a lot better than anything else to calm down my acid reflux.

Once I actually got to class, it was fun. I don't know if my opnion last week was because I was so tired, or what. But my prof. was much more enjoyable and interesting this week, and his lecture was much better, and more interactive to boot. Of course, I have signed myself up to do a three hour presentation on a major, massive test all by myself in 5 weeks. There seem to be lots of these major presentations in my future. All of my classes have them. I'll have to see if I've screwed myself over on any one week. Oh well, it's a test I am familiar with, and have given many times. I just need to look up all of the nitty gritty little details about it. If I am actually an intelligent puppy, and start this project, oh, next week sometime, I should be in good shape. Of course, I don't usually display that much sense. Maybe I can pull some of it together during reading week. Which, of course, my counseling class doesn't prescribe to, being a different department. Argh! Can't win for trying. We finnally get a spring break out of the doctoral department, sort of (a voluntary participation reading week, the prof isn't required to let students off), and I find out we are the only psych program doing it. Oh well, 'nough whining.

I had a very strange dream again last night, and I wish I could remember the full of one part of it. I only remember twins riding out of an alien forest on two black horses, going somewhere very important. The dream was as if David Brin wrote Dune meets Lord of the Rings meets Valdemar. The color quality was strange, all pale greens and greys. The forest had huge towering trees with lacy mosslike leaves the hung down, and were this ghostly pale, green-white quality. All very weird. This occured after the post-appocolyptic dream sequence, of course. I wish I could remember more. There were the makings of a good story in that dream.
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I kept having a dream that my grandmother died in a car accident. It was one of those where you wake up and then when you go back to sleep the dream picks right back up where it left off. It did not make for a restful night's sleep.
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Ok, so we were talking in dreams class about how people can sometimes pun and have word play in their dreams.

Last night, I had a dream that was a weird mix of school and something else. It had one of my professors in it, and a school-like aspect to it. As well, my mother and my sister were in the dream. In the early part of the dream there was a lot of mix up about getting pizza and paying for and being late for class, except class was in a vet's office, and it wasn't really class it was a meeting. Then someone hands this wooden goblet and some magazines and tells me it's the holy grail. I am completely unphazed by this in the dream. I put it my car, in the parking lot, and go on about my day. Part of my day includes hanging out with people in grail clubs that are near this parking lot. All of them seem to have llamas, only they aren't called llamas, they're called something else in the dream, that seem to be associated with the grail. They're very cute and friendly and kinda like labradors in personality.

Then I go to look for my car and Ican't find it, and neither my mother or my sister can find it. It's very strange. I search surrounding parking lots and I can't find it. I look and look and look and look and I can't find it. Then I sorta have this lucid moment in the dream where I go "Oh, I get it, this is the Quest for the Holy Grail" and I find my car. Then I give the grail to someone else. I realize that it's got this property wherein when someone looks for it they can't find it because it's a quest. You just kinda have to go to it without searching for it. I was highly ammused by this, and by figuring it out "in the dream".

A quick interp of the dream: I am feeling confused and out of control about my life. I feel like I am getting conflicting and confusing directions from those around me and that in trying to follow them, I get even more confused. If i would stop worrying and searching for the answers, I would find them, but I am looking so hard I can't see them.
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It appears to have been the evening for strange dreams. Here was one that I had about, of all things my friend's pekenese. In the dream, the dog was pregnant and I was dog sitting. For some reason, there was this dog trainer lady over at my apartment. I guess she was there to help me with the peke. So the dog goes into labor and has the two grey tabby colored puppies, that are open eyed and walking when they are born. And the dog doesn't really want to have anything to do with them. And the trainer says that it's my fault because I scared her or punished her somehow when the first puppy was born. There was more to the dream, but this is the piece that stands out. I guess I'm having worried mommy dreams already.

On other news, my stomach is still unhappy, so I don't have a clue how I am going to eat anything today.


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