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Self, next time, don't burn the tomatoes in the interest of following the time dictates of the recipe. Thanks.

I think I have salvage the sauce with cream and chevre but . . . it's certainly not what I was looking for.
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Today has so far been a pretty good day. I found a local farmers market and purchased much yummy food. Well, hopefully yummy. Inspired by the Alton Brown Good Eat's Episode on Tomatoes, I am making oven roasted tomatoe sauce, currently in the oven roasting stage, with farmer's market romas. I want to make his TBL pannini salad, but I need to find yellow pear tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes, neither of which were in evidence at the fm. In making the sauce, one seeds 20 roma tomatoes. Well, I hated to see all that go to waste, so I strained it and hade a lovely cup of tomatoe juice with just a little added salt. LB enjoyed it too.

I did buy blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, so a berryful desert is in the works tonight. I'm thinking I might do crisp, but I'm not sure. I might do pie, if I feel like putting the work into making piecrust. Or maybe we could just throw some sugar on them and add milk. The possibilities are endless.

I bought some corn, even though it is early for corn. I'm hoping it's good. I'm either going to do plain old corn on the cob, or try Alton's creamed corn recipe. Yes. I am an Alton Brown fangirl, why do you ask?

I bought 4 different kinds of cheese at Trader Joe's today. And I want some good paremesean from whole foods to compliment the homemade sauce. 5 different kinds of cheese in one day. I'm silly. In case your cursious, they would be cheddar, chevre, brie and fresh mozzarella.

Happiness for me really is having good food to cook.

last night

Jan. 12th, 2004 07:44 am
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well, I did only get the cranberry pork done last night. Ah well. Today is a bit busy. I've got class this morning, then run off to UPS, rush home, and hurry up and wait at my ultrasound. At least I get to see Sprout today. That's always a cool thing to look forward to. I haven't started feeling the baby move yet (or not in any way that is distinguishable from indigestion :). So being able to see Sprout or hear hir heart beat is always a reconfirming thing. Yup, there is a small person in there, wiggling away. Well, I'm off to finish getting ready for school.
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and i've loved every minute of it. Hubby closed today, so we had the morning together. I made pancakes, and we watched the latest episode of Stargate that I taped while we were out last night. Then I took a nice bath and got a very wonderful backrub from my hubby, with yummy smelling citrus ginger massage oil (thanks foxxy, it worked!). After he went to work, I went to school with the intent to photocopy some of the reading I needed to do for class next week, only to find out that I was allowed to check the books out until Monday morning (which of course means I haven't actually DONE any of the reading yet). Then it was off to the grocery store missing the list we had written up this morning. I did pretty well though, and came home with a load of seafood (canned crab meat, salmon steaks, pickled herring, and canned mackeral), which I have been craving. Must not be getting enough protein or fatty acids or something. Then dishes a snack and some relaxation.

For dinner tonight, I plan an experiment. A bechamel base with melted cheddar (kinda like a mac and cheese sauce) with roasted red peppers and sundried tomatos served over pasta. I'll probably have some spinach with rice vinegar and toasted sesame seeds as a side dish. I'll have to see how it turns out. My own experiments are almost never as good as when I follow a recipe. I'm just not as good a creative cook as I am a technical one.


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