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I'm not quite sure where I'm fitting them into my day, but I've managed to read some fun stuff this past week, so here are some recomendations:

Charlaine Harris, either her Sookie Stackhouse fantasy/alternate history series (5 books strong now) It's kinda of Anita Blake-lite with better writing and a mystery novel format, featuring a telepathic bar maid in small town Lousiana, or her Lily Bard series, which features a but kicking, read martial artist, cleaning lady in small town Arkansas (standard mystery format). Her stuff is quite fun, nicely, though not brilliantly written, with fun characters who are a bit more than cookie cutouts. She apparantly has a third series out (Aurora Teagarden, I believe) but I haven't checked it out yet.

Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking is a fun alternate history fantasy novel that just never stops (the action starts right fromt he beginning and just keeps going). I sometimes had a hard time following this book, and got very annoyed by the author's insistance that the mink was a carrot eating rodent, but it's just got some silly-ass stuff in it, like the cataclysmic event that changed history and brought magic creatures out of the woodwork being . . . a genetically modified tomatoe.

Oh, how could I forget, for dog lover's there is Susan Conant's A Dog Lover's Mysetery series (all 13 or more books). The character is apparently very strongly based on the author since Ms. Conant is malamute owning dog writer writing about a malamute owning dog writer but it's a wonderfully fun romp through Harvard and New England culture as well as AKC culture. Her descriptions of those are better than her mystery plots. But still, it's amazingly fun and addictive brain candy.


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