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Eventually, I'll get around to importing my LJ. I just need to remember to try when I'm sitting at my computer at home. I have a whole lot of other eventuallys, soon and distant.
Eventually soon, I will get my stompy auroch tatto (2 Saturdays!):

The auroch has long been the avatar of my stubborn persistence: to survive, to muddle through, to place one foot in front of the other and just keep moving.

Eventually soon the week later, I will finally get to go to Philly for inpatient migraine treatment. Having a migraine every other day sucks, and maybe this will help.

Eventually some day I'll finish one of these stories noodling in my head. Taking up fiction writing as a hobby at 38 feels weird, but that's judgy brain being judgy. I want to do it, for fun, and maybe to share, and certainly NOT for profit. I like my day job, thanks.

Eventually I will have food I grew in my garden to eat, as I slowly fill in my raised beds with soil, and get stuff planted. I'm trying for salad greens, cabbages, romanesco, beans, tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries this year, along with other random stuff.

Eventually I might figure out how to balance all my freaking extracurriculars: gardening, baking, knitting, Tai chi and writing. Dear brain: you have a chronic illness about to put you in the hospital and a limited number of spoons. Who told you 5 hobbies was a good idea?

Also eventually, I might learn to be less judgy ;-)


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