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My daughters and I thought we'd share the idea of Grumpusses with you. Here is they first draft of our Guide to Grumpusses. The story is written from LB's point of view.

Dedicated to Kristin, who said we could do it

Here is what we know about grumpusses:

Grumpusses live on Grumpus Island, which is located around Meep Mountain (see A Guide to Meeps for more information).

Grumpusses watch too much TV and do not go to school. They like to drink pickle juice, and eat green banana and pepperoni sandwiches. This makes them rather grumpy. When they are grumpy the leave Grumpus Island and go bother other people.

You know you have been infected with Grumpusses because you start having bad manners. You yell at people, and pout, and stamp your feet. Other people do not like you when you have Grumpusses because you are mean to them.

Everyone’s grumpusses are different. My grumpusses are biting grumpusses, with pointy teeth, and scaly skin. They hang on with big pointy fingers while they bite. My mother’s grumpusses are shaggy grumpusses with pinchy fingers and bad breath. My sister’s grumpusses look like frogs and smack her with big floppy hands. Even my baby brother has baby grumpusses that poke him.

To get rid of your Grumpusses you have to send them back to Grumpus Island so you will be nice to people again, and they won’t be upset at you anymore.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of Grumpusses is to throw them back to Grumpus Island, saying “Go Away, Grumpusses.” Sometimes I help my mom get rid of her grumpusses by throwing them to Grumpus Island for her. My dad says I have to send my Grumpusses back to Grumpus Island in a big boat. My sister likes to stamp her grumpusses with her feet.

If none of these work, Grumpusses are allergic to snuggles and hugs. Snuggles will always make grumpusses go away.
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