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The farmer's market that is one mile down the road for us is AMAZING! I was going to try several local farmer's markets, as they all seem to happen on Saturday here. After visiting the one in Williamsville I didn't want to go anywhere else (and was to poor besides). We came home with: a pint of strawberries, a bunch of rhubarb, a bag of cold storage apples, 3 lbs of local grass fed beef (with an order for organ meets and ox tail next week), locally produced pork breakfast sausage, a bottle of local wine (free samples; score!), two cheeses from local producers (a garlic flavored processed cheese and a beer washed rind cheese), a loaf of bread, hazelnut pesto, a salad dressing, locally produced pasta, salad greens, radishes (red and white) and three vegan ginger mollasses cookies (made with coconut oil, yum!). I was in foody heaven. Everyone was ridiculously friendly, made ooh and ahh noises at our children, and let them eat all the samples they wanted. It was the friendliest farmers market ever. Seriously, these people made the Wyoming crowd look like taciturn New Englanders. And I was friends with everybody at the Wyoming farmer's market. Hell, I went to church with at least two of the vendors. I can't wait to go back next week.
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